New York's Premier Outfitter
Let us take you wherever you want to go, or we can take you where we like to go. We work hard to ensure you have a great trip. Whether you're just starting out and need some instruction, or your a seasoned vet looking for a new experience.
 Having a good time, and enjoying the outdoors will be the foundation of your experience. 
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 While we display our catches and harvests here. The true trophies of every outting are the memories you make. 
   Here at First Dawn Outfitting that is our main concern.
  We work tirelessly to make sure you have every chance to be successful. However, that will never be at the expense of a good experience. 
   Never will you be pushed in to taking an animal or keeping a fish your not comfortable with. Likewise you wont be pushed to let something go that you want.
  All of NY's conservation and game laws will be followed. Always and without question!
Our Trophies
The Rules
  1. Laws, Rules, and Regulations
    We follow all fish and game laws and regulations for the area we are fishing or hunting. All rules and laws for any public land we are operating on are also followed. Also we will abide by any rules landowners have placed on us. After all it is their property, and we will not strain any relationships that we rely on to conduct our business.
  2. The guide is in charge.
    The guide in charge of the trip is the boss. They will make the call to cut any trip short. Whether it be because of weather or parties involved in the trip being unruly or not abiding by any law.
  3. Health forms
    We ask you to fill out basic health questionnaires when booking with us. There's a link below to click on. The guide will also have copies before you start your trip. They ask basic info about medical history, current medications, and allergies. These are for emergency purposes only. The guide will not look at them. They will placed in sealed bag, and held on to by the guide. Should a medical emergency arise the guide will give the info to medical personnel. At the end of the trip they will be returned to you. After many years of experience in emergency services we realize that things happen when least expected.
  4. Deposits
    No trip is considered booked until a deposit is received. All deposits are refundable up to 30 days before the trip. If cancelled within 30 days but at least 7 days before the deposit will be put towards a later date. Should the trip be cancelled less than 7 days before, the deposit is not refundable. First Dawn Outfitting reserves the right to cancel any trip due to unsafe conditions and/or weather. The deposit will also be applied to a later date in this situation. Deposits for waterfowl and fishing trips will be $100. Deposits for deer hunting will $200.